Soundcheck systems are installed in situ by our own installation teams, providing:

  • total flexibility
  • an immaculate finish
  • eliminating the need for drawings or certified site dimensions.

Substrates require a minimum of preparation.

By combining specific fabrics with acoustic infills and, if required, an appropriate composite construction, our standard systems can meet the most demanding acoustic absorption criteria set by architects and acoustic consultants.

We offer advice with all our systems as to the use of fabrics and materials to meet the most stringent fire regulations. Because of our expertise, hundreds of standard Soundcheck systems have been specified for a diverse range of clients around the world.

In addition to our standard Soundcheck systems, we have extended our manufacturing and installation capabilities to provide a specialist interior acoustic fit-out service. The result of this specialist activity can be seen on prestigious projects such as the Glasgow Science Centre, the Ocean Music Venue in London and St Luke's Church - the new rehearsal and concert venue for the London Symphony Orchestra.

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Soundcheck acoustic linings

How does the Soundcheck system work?

An infinitely flexible solution


A tried and tested system

Sound absorption coefficients

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